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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hoffman on 1925 N.S. Legislative Council Reform on SSRN

Charles Paul Hoffman, a doctoral student at the Faculty of Law, McGill University, has posted a working paper "The 1925 Reform of the Legislative Council of Nova Scotia: Implications for Canadian Senate Reform?" on SSRN. The paper was originally presented to the mid-winter meeting of the CLSA in 2012. 

Senate Reform was a thing in 2012; it is much more of a thing now, so this is timely indeed. Serendipitous or strategic? Enviable either way.

Here's the abstract:

This paper explores the short-lived 1925 reforms to the Legislative Council of Nova Scotia, the former upper house of the provincial legislature, including why prior reform efforts had not succeeded, what made 1925 different, and what lessons the Nova Scotia reforms might have for ongoing efforts to reform the Canadian Senate.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the post, Mary. This is a fairly short conference piece (and, if I recall, largely lacking in citations) that I put up on my SSRN page given the ongoing debates (and the fact that I never seem to find the time to write the article-length version of it). I'm going to try to flesh it out soon-ish, but have been caught up with writing my thesis, teaching, etc.