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Monday, June 17, 2013

New book on history of WWI Canadian Courts Martial by Iacobelli from UBC press.

New release, available September 30 from UBC Press, for the Studies in Canadian Military History Series, Published in association with the Canadian War

Death or Deliverance
Canadian Courts Martial in the Great War 

by Teresa Iacobelli.

Here's the publisher's blurb:

Soldiers found guilty of desertion or cowardice
during the Great War faced death by firing
squad. Social memory of this brutal system of
frontline justice inspired the pardon movements
of the 1990s, which sought redemption for
soldiers executed on the battlefield. Iacobelli
looks beyond stories of callous generals and
quick executions to consider the trials of nearly
two hundred soldiers sentenced to death but
spared by a disciplinary system capable of
thoughtful review and compassion. Published on
the centennial anniversary of the war’s outbreak,
Death or Deliverance reconsiders an important
chapter in the history of both a war and a nation.

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