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Friday, January 19, 2018

Save the date! Justice Robert Sharpe to speak about Chief Justice Brian Dickson Feb 27

The Osgoode Society announces its first evening session of legal history for legal professionals!

We don't have all the details ready yet, but please save the time, date and place: 5:30 pm, February 27th, Osgoode Hall. Further details on the programme, including how to register, will be posted on our website and on this blog.

Justice Sharpe will discuss the career and influence of the Honourable Brian Dickson, Chief Justice of Canada from 1984-1990on the development of Canadian law.

Justice Sharpe is uniquely positioned to provide insight into the working life of the Court, then and now.  He served as Executive Legal Officer to Chief Justice Dickson and later co-authored his biography, Brian Dickson: A Judge’s Journey.