The Osgoode Society is delighted to announce that our Associate Editor-in-Chief and three-time Osgoode Society author, Professor Philip Girard, and Professor Lori Chambers, another of our authors (also three times) have both been elected Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada. Philip Girard’s prize-winning work on the history of law in Canada has shaped the field and redefined its agenda for the twenty-first century. Tracing the roots of today’s legal pluralism to the historic encounter of two European empires with Indigenous peoples in northern North America, he stresses how this pluralism allowed Quebec civil law to flourish on a continent of common law and now creates space for the renaissance of Indigenous law.  Lori Chambers is a legal historian who focuses on gender. She has published books on marital property law, the treatment of unmarried mothers, the law of adoption and child welfare, and intimate partner violence. She is currently involved in a number of projects on various aspects of police and legal responses to gender-based violence. She is also a community activist in the movement to end gendered, sexualized, and racially-motivated violence.