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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blaine Baker corrects the record/Toronto Legal History Group

At a Toronto Legal History Group meeting this evening* (an excellent, well-attended presentation by Philip Girard on the legal history of women's citizenship in interwar Canada), Blaine Baker pointed out to me some errors in my earlier post on the project to establish a scholarship in his name at McGill. My post refers to Blaine as being retired, which is true only in a very technical sense. He is an emeritus professor at the McGill Faculty of Law, and teaches there three days a week. In addition, he did not teach at Osgoode and U of T prior to his appointment at McGill--rather, he was a visiting professor at those schools during his tenure at McGill, which was his first and only appointment. Hey, these things are important!

Actually, Blaine was very nice about it, which is always his way, and one of the reasons his former students want to fund the scholarship in the first place.  But I guess his reputation as an internetphobe is greatly exaggerated (although he did wait for the chance to see me, rather than setting me to rights by email, so some parts of the Baker legend are still true.) Once again, for more information or to pledge, email

*For info on the Toronto Legal History Group, which meets at 6:30 pm in Flavelle House in the U of T Faculty of Law on alternate Wednesdays (usually), to receive the schedule of presentations or to be put on the mailing list to receive the draft papers--which are not for quotation or citation unless otherwise stated--please email Jim Phillips ( The group includes faculty from universities in the GTA and beyond, graduate and undergraduate students, lawyers and anyone with an interest in legal history (often, but not always Canadian) as an academic subdiscipline of law and history. Every session has a different mix of attendees, depending on the subject and speaker, so feel free to email Jim and drop in as your interests and schedule allow.

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