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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Stote on legal and extralegal sterilization of Aboriginal women

Karen Ann Stote, a recent doctor of philosophy in interdisciplinary studies from UNB, has an article "The Coercive Sterilization of Aboriginal Women in Canada" appearing in  volume 36, issue 3 of American Indian Culture & Research Journal.

Here's the abstract:

The article discusses the history of the coercive sterilization of Aboriginal women in Canada, in both legislated and non-legislated contexts. It comments on the Sexual Sterilization Act in Alberta and British Columbia, and also considers federal legislation. The author also addresses sterilization in Ontario and Northern Canada. She explores the perception of sterilization as a cost-effective public health measure and analyzes eugenic aspects of sterilization. The larger contexts of industrial capitalism and Canadian Indian policy also are addressed.

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