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Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Osgoode Society website!

Many readers have noticed (and commented!) that the Osgoode Society website has been stuck at last year for quite a while (i.e. since last year.)
We are pleased to announce that the new website is now operational! It's been a lot of work, by Jim and Marilyn and others, and would not have been possible without the help of a generous grant from the Law Foundation of Ontario.  Thanks also to the Bora Laskin Law Library of the University of Toronto, which provided a home for the site while it was under construction.
The url is the same:, but the site is no longer hosted by the Law Society of Upper Canada (who are also to be heartily thanked for their sponsorship of the old site and the society's operations in general.)
Having an independent site means that we can sell/renew memberships and books online and update more often. That doesn't mean this blog is going out of business--at some point it will be integrated with the new site, but for now we'll stay here. And there are a few other wrinkles, but it's an exciting initiative.
Check it out!

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