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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fernandez, Jotwell review of Braverman's Zooland (with additional Canadian Content!)

Those who subscribe to Jotwell: the Journal of Things We Like (Lots) and /or the Legal History Blog will have seen this review by U of T legal historian Angela Fernandez of  Zooland: The Institution of Captivity by Irus Braverman.

Like everything by Angela, the review, "Forget about Noah's Ark" is well worth the read  Not particularly Canada-focused as it stands (or I would have posted about it earlier), but Angela says the book actually does have significant Canadian content:

The Toronto Zoo receives special treatment in the book. One of a handful of zoos accredited by the AZA outside of the United States, Braverman includes the visitor map and notes that it was the first to introduce large-scale “zoogeography” design, a geographical zone design that is now commonly used to divide the zoo into continents such as Africa and Eurasia rather than using something like a grouping of all bears together (polar bear and grizzly) or all the birds (see pp. 30-32).

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