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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Legal History at CLSA annual meeting

The CLSA is meeting in Ottawa this week.

Two panels are of particular interest to this blog:

[June 3 at 2:00] Legal Knowledge: Historical Perspectives (Fauteux 359) Chair – Présidence: Michael Boudreau, St. Thomas University 
• Peter Price, Queen’s University “To Know the Law: Instructing Popular Legal Literacy in Canada, 1870-1920” 
• Mathieu Charbonneau, Carleton University, “From Socio-legal Studies to Sociology of Private Insurance: The Emergence of Modern Life Insurance Legislation in England, 1664-1774” 
• Jean Sauvageau & Claire Goggin, St. Thomas University, “Homicide et peine de mort au Canada, 1920-1949 : les effets de la Grande depression”

[June 5 at 10:45] Tort Litigation in the United States and Canada: Historical Perspectives (Fauteux 135) Chair – Présidence: TBD 
• Lyndsay Campbell, University of Calgary, “Defaming Women: Women’s Use of Defamation in Massachusetts and Nova Scotia, 1820-40” 
• Eric H. Reiter, Concordia University, “Avenging the Memory of the Dead: Family Honour in Quebec Defamation Cases, 1885-1920” 
• R. Blake Brown, St. Mary’s University, “As a rule, it is not advisable to bring an action against a physician’: Litigating Medical Malpractice in Canada, 1902-1935”

h/t Peter Price

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