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Friday, December 11, 2015

Winter term schedule, Osgoode Society Legal History Group, Toronto

Please note that there are dates open. If you would like to present, please email Jim Phillips at


Wednesday January 20 - Michel Morin, University of Montreal: “The Recognition of Aboriginal Property and Territories in New France”

Wednesday March 2 – Kevin Crosby, University of Newcastle-on-Tyne: “Female Jurors in the English Assize Courts, 1920-1925”

Wednesday March 16 – Ryan Alford, Lakehead University: this "Understanding Judicial Tolerance of Executive Branch Unilateralism: Changing Dynamics in the American Federal Judicial Appointments Process 1972-2010"

Wednesday March 30 - Karen MacFarlane, York University, ‘Selling protections against arrest: Pushing and creating the limits of diplomatic immunity in the eighteenth century.’  

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