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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Petition regarding secret Government of Canada Archives

Via Osgoode Society author Dennis Molinaro:

It has come to the attention of the public that the Canadian government over the course of decades has amassed large quantities of historical documents, numbering in the millions, and has kept this material in several different areas linked to institutions such as the Privy Council Office, Global Affairs, the Department of Justice and others. The holdings of the government have been kept secret. A petition has been created and is available to sign electronically on the e-petition government website. It is petition number e-1090. The petition calls on the government to transfer all historical material to Library and Archives Canada (LAC) as well as to reform the Access to Information Act to ensure historical material is regularly transferred to the archives, as well as enabling transparent citizen access to documents. The LAC Act anticipates the direct transfer of material from government departments, institutions and agencies to the National Archivist and, therefore, the practice of holding back such transfers thwarts the spirit and letter of the Act and undermines the role of LAC as a central repository for the documentary heritage of Canada.

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