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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Are you a fan of Canadian Legal History?

We have a lot of fans. Our main twitter account has passed the 1000 mark--not a lot relative to those of celebrities, journalists and politicians, but quality is more important than quality!

Many of you are members (or lapsed members) of the Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History. We would like to invite those who aren't, or whose membership has lapsed to join (or re-join.) The membership categories are available on our website, and are all quite reasonable. For the cost of your membership you get a copy of this year's members book--more about this below. You will receive an  invitation to our book launch (always a great party at Osgoode Hall, where you can rub shoulders with some of the luminaries of the profession and judiciary, as well as leaders of the future) and the right to attend our legal history evenings, also held at Osgoode Hall, only available to members. You will also have the ability to purchase from our past catalog at a 25% discount (pending website update to allow differential pricing.) And the knowledge that you are supporting fascinating research in the field, including our always expanding oral history database.

This year is a great one for the Osgoode Society, as it marks the publication of volume one of A History of Law in Canada, by Philip Girard, Jim Phillips and R. Blake Brown, three of the most distinguished and talented legal historians working in Canada today.  We are so proud of this project,  the culmination of forty years of remarkable scholarship, much of it published by the society.

Honestly, it's a great read, good for dipping into or reading straight through. It should be a staple of the library of all lawyers and those interested in our legal past.

Visit our website and become a member today!

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