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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

New from UTP: Violence, Order, and Unrest: A History of British North America, 1749–1876, ed. Mancke, Bannister, McKim and See

Looks like quite a bit of legal history in this new collection from the University of Toronto Press: Violence, Order, and UnrestA History of British North America, 1749–1876Edited by Elizabeth Mancke, Jerry Bannister, Denis McKim, and Scott W. See. From the publisher:

Violence, Order, and UnrestThis edited collection offers a broad reinterpretation of the origins of Canada. Drawing on cutting-edge research in a number of fields, Violence, Order, and Unrestexplores the development of British North America from the mid-eighteenth century through the aftermath of Confederation. The chapters cover an ambitious range of topics, from Indigenous culture to municipal politics, public executions to runaway slave advertisements. Cumulatively, this book examines the diversity of Indigenous and colonial experiences across northern North America and provides fresh perspectives on the crucial roles of violence and unrest in attempts to establish British authority in Indigenous territories. In the aftermath of Canada 150, Violence, Order, and Unrest offers a timely contribution to current debates over the nature of Canadian culture and history, demonstrating that we cannot understand Canada today without considering its origins as a colonial project.

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