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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Osgoode Society Legal History Workshop Fall 2020 schedule

Friends. I have pasted in below the final schedule for the legal history workshop for the fall term. A reminder that we will be conducting the workshop over Zoom. I don’t think we need to December 9th date, but if anybody is keen an extra session could be arranged for December





Wednesday September 16 – Virginia Torrie, University of Manitoba: ‘The Farmers' Creditors Arrangement Act Reference Case 1937.’

 Wednesday September 30 – Hamar Foster, University of Victoria: ‘Sharp as a Knife: Judge Begbie and Reconciliation’


Wednesday October 14 - Nick Rogers, York University: ‘The Bristol fratricide of 1741: How a set of vicious property disputes among the minor gentry turned fatal.’


Wednesday October 28 – Jim Phillips, University of Toronto: ‘From Betrayal of the Metis to Restrictive Covenants: Developments in Dominion Land Law, 1867-1914.’


Wednesday November 11 – Jean-Christophe B√©dard-Rubin, University of Toronto, ‘√Čtienne Parent and the Demise of the Mixed Constitution’.


Wednesday November 25 – Lara Tessaro, University of Kent: ‘Constituting a form for substances: Cosmetics, federalism, and the turn to prohibition in Canadian food and drugs regulation, 1933-1950.’


Wednesday December 9 – Available if needed


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