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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Legal History at CLSA annual conference

As usual, a number of legal history papers will be presented at the Canadian Law and Society Association annual conference at Congress in Fredericton, May 29-June 2.

Two panels dedicated to legal history are planned. The schedule is still preliminary, but it looks as though the first panel (Legal History 1: Constructing Subjects ) will feature Blake Brown, "Too many foreigners
[are] carrying weapons and something will have to be done: Canadian Gun Control and the World Wars", Michael Boudreau,  “The condition of things…where you have lived…is a fearful one”: The Executions of
George Gee and Bennie Swim in New Brunswick', and Sarah Hamill, "The Liquor Control Act and the Construction of the Masculine Ideal in Alberta, 1924-1930".

The second panel (Legal History 2: Criminologies) will include Joel Kropf, "Denouncing ‘the System’: Dr. O.C.J. Withrow, the Toronto Globe, and Penal-Reform Advocacy in the 1930s," Soren Frederiksen, "Fingerprinting in Canada from 1902-1911: An Exercise in Translation," and Chandra Murdoch, The Indian Agent as Justice of the Peace: Law and Regulation on Indian Reserves in Canada, 1876-1907."

Additional legal histories will be dispersed throughout the other panels. These include Lyndsay Campbell, "Oliver Dawsey and the Operation of Race in the Criminal Justice System in Canada West,"George Pavlich," Law and Sovereignty at the Cape Colony,1795-1803," Dwight Newman, "Aboriginal Law and Privaten International Law: A New Historical and Theoretical Nexus," Janna Promislow, "'It would only be just': A study of territoriality in the northwest in 19th century British North America," Susan Boyd, "Abolishing Illegitimacy: The Contradictions of Law Reform," Karen Pearlston, "Theorizing Coverture: Transformations in the Gender Order," and Christiane Wilke, "Becoming Responsible? Ascriptions and Performances of Responsibility in the Causa ESMA, 1983-1987."

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