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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mélanie Brunet online

As part of my work with the Osgoode History and Archives Project,  I have been reading up on the history of the profession and legal education in Ontario. A week or so ago I started on Melanie Brunet's excellent doctoral dissertation, "Becoming Lawyers: Gender, Legal Education and Professional Identity Formation in Canada, 1920-1980" (U of T, Department of History, 2006). Melanie was the original project coordinator of OHAP, and uploaded the dissertation with some other secondary sources to a drive on the law school server to which I have recently been given access, so I have been reading it there.

Just today I discovered that Melanie has uploaded a very readable copy free to all online at  Also on her page is a link to a fantastic report she wrote in 2000 for the Department of Justice, "Out of the Shadows: The Civil Law Tradition in the Department of Justice, Canada, 1868–2000." Like many anglophone legal academics, I know far too little about the civil law in Canada, and I'm looking forward to starting to redress that a bit by reading the report this summer.

Note: I know there is supposed to be an accent aigu on the first e in Melanie, but I can't figure out a way to do that on Blogger.


  1. Melanie with an accent in Blogger: Type "M", then type the ampersand key, then type "e", then type "acute", then type the semi-colon key, then type "lanie". (no quotation marks, of course) Hit preview and see how it looks. Works for grave accents too, suitably adjusted.

  2. Okay, Chris Moore told me how to put an accent in. It worked in the headline, but not the body of the post. Given up for now. (But thanks to Chris for doing his best to teach me advanced blogging techniques!)