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Friday, August 17, 2012

Updated: Toronto Legal History Group Fall 2012 schedule

Many subscribers to this blog will know about the Toronto Legal History Group (shortly to be renamed the Osgoode Legal History Workshop, and to operate undeer the auspices of the Osgoode Society. This is an informal Wednesday evening seminar that meets c. 14 times. A paper is pre-circulated and then discussed. Participants are graduate students and faculty in law and history from U of T, York, McMaster and other institutions, as well as law students and members of the profession. Anybody with an interest in legal history is welcome to attend. If you would like to be put on the e-mail list and to receive the papers and other notices, please e-mail

The schedule for the next term follows. All sessions are in the Flavelle Room, Flavelle House, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto, starting at 6.30.

Wednesday September 12 - Matthew Light, University of Toronto: "The Ambiguities of Influence: Russia, the Death Penalty, and Europe"

Wednesday September 26 - Nhung Tran, University of Toronto, “Mortgaging Local Culture: the Commodification of Village Performance in Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Vietnam”

Wednesday October 10 - Bettina Bradbury, York University: “Troubling Inheritances: An Illegitimate Maori daughter contests her father’s will in the New Zealand Courts and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.”

UPDATE (NEW): Wednesday, October 17, Catherine MacMillan, University of London: "Judging the Coronation cases."
Wednesday October 24 - Doug Hay, York University: “Criminal Lawyers in Eighteenth Century England”

Wednesday November 7 - Bob Steinfeld, University of Buffalo, TBA

Wednesday November 14 - Doug Harris, University of British Columbia, and Jim Phillips, University of Toronto: “History of De facto Expropriation in Canada.” Doug and I will discuss our chapters in the forthcoming book Property on Trial: Canadian Cases in Context, to be published by the Osgoode Society. Eris Tucker of Osgoode Hall Law School, one of the volume editors, will also make some remarks. The book launch for this book, and the other Osgoode Society publications for 2012, is on Thursday November 15, 5 p.m., at Osgoode Hall.

Wednesday November 21 - Paul Craven, York University: “Called to Account: Magistrates and Public Accounts in 19th Century New Brunswick”

Wednesday December 5 - Anthony Gaughan, Drake University: "Do the Ends Justify the Means? The Trial of the Watergate Burglars."

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