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Thursday, October 27, 2016

*Updated*: Canadian Content at the ASLH conference, Oct. 28 and 29 in Toronto

Apologies to Eric Reiter, whose listing I missed the first time I posted this.

The American Society for Legal History is meeting in Toronto at the Fairmont Royal York, for its annual conference Friday October 27 and Saturday October 28!

The programme is available on the ASLH website, along with other useful information.

The whole programme looks great, and there will be a number of panelists speaking on Canadian legal history subjects. Sadly, a number of them will be on at the same time, but it was ever thus.

I combed through the programme for Canadian content so you won't have to. (Note there are other Canadians chairing, commenting and presenting--I just include those on Canadian subjects.)

Look for:

Friday. Session I. 8:15-10:00AM 
"Indian Character" and Indigenous Characters in Canadian Criminal Law (Algonquin room)
Chair: Constance Backhouse, University of Ottawa
Commentator: Shelley Gavigan, Osgoode Hall Law School,
Chandra Murdoch, University of Toronto, "Applications of the Indian Act:         Character Evaluation and Political Power on the St. Regis Reserve, 1887-1910"
Jacqueline Briggs, University of Toronto, "Brokers for Legal Services: Indian Agents and the Department of Indian Affairs Legal Aid Program, 1880 to 1970"
Carolyn Strange, Australian National University, "Sexual Psychopathy, the   Indian Mind, and the Death Penalty in Mid-20th Century Canada: An Unexplored Nexus"

Friday Session II, 10:30-12:00PM
Aboriginal People and Legal Intermediaries in Colonial Courts (Algonquin room)
Chair & Commentator: John McLaren, University of Victoria,
Shelley Gavigan, Osgoode Hall Law School, "A Criminal Court to do its Bidding? Criminal Law and Canadian Indian Policy in the North-West, 1876-1905"

Women, "Aliens," and Citizenship: Married Women's Nationality Laws and Repatriation Campaigns in Europe and North America, 1920s-1950s (Alberta room)
Chair: Philip Girard, York University
Commentator: Audrey Macklin, University of Toronto
Franca Iacovetta, University of Toronto, "'In the case of a woman' or 'The      headache': Married Women's Nationality and Canada's Citizenship Act at             Home and Abroad 1946-50"

The Americanization of the Canadian Law School (Quebec Room)
Chair: Jim Phillips, University of Toronto,
Angela Fernandez, University of Toronto, "Casebooks Canonizing the Common   Law
Eric Adams, Faculty of Law, University of Alberta, "Border Crossings and the     Birth of Modern Legal Education"
David Sandomierski, University of Toronto, "Fuller and the Canadians"

Saturday. Session V. 8:30-10:15AM
Extradition and the Formation of Transnational Criminal Law Regimes
in the 19th Century (1789-1914)
Bradley Miller, University of British Columbia/Vancouver, "The Low Law of   Nations: Police Abductions in Northern North America, 1819-1914"

Saturday, Session VIII 4:15-6:00 pm.
The Laws of Repatriation: Problems and Questions in Libel and Privacy Law in North American History
Eric Reiter, Defamation and Family Honor in the Quebec Courts: Collective Interests within a Liberal-Individualist System

Note that: 

The deadline to Pre-Register for the 2016 ASLH Annual Meeting was October 3, 2016. If you missed the deadline, you will be able to register on-site. Registration will open at 2:00pm on October 27, 2016 in the Ballroom Lobby of the Fairmont Royal York Hotel.
The on-site meeting registration fee will be substantially discounted for ASLH members.  If you are not yet a member or have let your membership lapse, please join or renew your ASLH membership before registering for the annual meeting.  You can join or renew your ASLH membership here.

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