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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Congratulations to Wes Pue on winning the CLSA English-language book prize

Congratulations, Wes! A well-deserved honour.
I re-tweeted this news when it came out a few weeks ago, but neglected to post on it. Mea culpa.

The Canadian Law and Society Association announces:

2017 Prize citations / 2017 Annonces des prix

Book prize / Prix du meilleur ouvrage :

Committee / Comité : Nicole O’Byrne (Chair / Présidente), Thomas McMorrow

W. Wesley Pue, Lawyers’ Empire: Legal Professions and Cultural Authority, 1780-1950 (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2016).

Commendation / Recommandation :
Wes Pue (University of British Columbia, Allard School of Law) has long been considered one of Canada’s foremost legal historians. This book marks of the culmination of a career spent researching and thinking about the legal education. It is a remarkable achievement. On the book jacket, Harry Arthurs states that “no one should be allowed to study, teach, practise, or write about Canadian law without first reading Lawyers’ Empire....his account of the antecedents, culture, education, governance, and political economy of the Canadian and English legal professions is deeply informed and astonishingly informative, broad in sweep and rich in detail, provocative and witty.” The committee strongly agrees with this assessment. Although the focus of the book ends shortly after World War II, its analytical structure as a work of intellectual and cultural history contributes immeasurably to the contemporary debate over legal education. Wes Pue has written a definitive book on the emergence of lawyers as a professional class. It is essential reading for anyone interested in the history and future of the legal profession in Canada.

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