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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Letter from Jim Phillips to legal history workshop distribution list

Osgoode Society editor-in-chief Jim Phillips sent this email this morning to people on the Osgoode Society legal history workshop distribution list--reproduced here for those not on the list (in order to be added to the list to get info on our workshop and copies of papers being presented please email Jim at It's true--Osgoode Society membership is a good deal, especially for students.

Dear Friends. I know that many of you on this list are members of the Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History. For those of you who are not, or who were in the past but forgot to renew your membership this year, I urge you to consider joining the Society. It is Canada’s leading legal historical organization, and one of the preeminent such societies in the world. We are a membership organization, with lawyers, judges, academics, students in law and history, and others who think history matters. Since 1981 we have published over 100 books on Canadian legal history, and there are many more in the pipeline. We publish mainly with the University of Toronto Press, although we also work with McGill-Queen’s, UBC Press, and others.

The Society also runs one of the largest oral history programmes in the legal historical world, amassing an archive of current participants in legal developments that will be of great utility to future historians.

And – what a bargain membership is! Regular memberships are just $60,  and with membership you receive the annual members book. Student memberships are $25, and with membership you also receive the annual members book. We put out regular newsletters, hold legal history events, and run a small research grants programme. Not the least important, the Society pays the expenses associated with running this workshop.

To find out more about us, and to join, please go to Happy to answer any questions you have.


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