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Friday, October 4, 2019

Legal History Evening 28 October now accredited for 1 hour professionalism AND EDI

Really good news--the Law Society has accredited our October 28, 2019 legal history evening programme for one hour professionalism and EDI!
This evening is open to, and free for, Osgoode Society members. Join today!

The LSO says:

Professionalism Hours Accredited

Your “No Thought of Reconciliation: The New Dominion and the Indian Acts, 1867-1914” program to be held on October 28, 2019 has been accredited for 1 hour of Professionalism Content.

The Professionalism Hours have been allocated as follows:

Session Title

Approved Professionalism Hours

Approved EDI Professionalism Hours
Prof. Phillips’ Lecture followed by Audience Question and Answer Period
1 hour

Substantive Hours

Only Professionalism Hours must be accredited by the Law Society. Lawyers and paralegals must determine for themselves whether an activity is an eligible educational activity for CPD and qualifies for Substantive Hours. For more information about Substantive Hours, please see CPD Requirement<>.

Advertising Guidelines

The accreditation of Professionalism Hours may be advertised or indicated as follows:

This program contains 1 hour of EDI Professionalism Content.

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