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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Legal History at Political History Conference

Thanks to Brad Miller for drawing my attention to the many legal history and legal histor-ish (his term, a good one) papers in the programme of the Political History Conference "Transformation: State, Nation, and Citizenship/Transformation: l’État, la nation et la citoyenneté" to be held October 13-15 at York University.

It's often hard to distinguish what is legal history from what is not in the political history context, but among the papers which would be of particular interest to legal historians are (in no particular order):

Blake Brown, Saint Mary’s University – “We are gradually getting like Chicago”: Gun Control in Interwar Canada
J.L. McNairn, Queen’s University - Roads to Modernity: Trust and Financing the Public Good in Upper Canada
E.A. Heaman, McGill University - Revisiting the Single Tax
S.M. Tillotson, Dalhousie University - Tax Politics and Public Opinion in the Age of Easy Money, 1947-1966
Todd Stubbs, Lakehead University, Orillia - A “Stake in the Country”: Wage-Earning Men and the Income Franchise Debate in Ontario, 1866-1874
Bradley Miller, University of Toronto - Sovereignty, Self-Defence, and International Law in the Rebellion Period Borderlands, 1837-1843
Ashleigh Androsoff, University of Toronto - “The Days of Fooling Around with the Unlawful Doukhobors Are Over”: Solving British Columbia’s ‘Doukhobor Problem’ in the 1950s and 1960s
Gregory P. Marchildon, University of Regina and Nicole O’Byrne, University of New Brunswick - The Last One Aboard: New Brunswick and the Implementation of Medicare
Mark Gulla, McMaster University - The Unemployment Insurance Commission and the Expansion of the Right to Benefit, 1940-1971
John Hillhouse, McMaster University - The Role of the Federal Government in Canada’s Life Insurance Industry
Anthony Hampton, University of Guelph - The Implications of Ad Hoc Activism: The Feminist Citizens' Response to the Meech Lake Accord and its Historiographic Importance

Valerie Lapointe Gagnon, Université Laval  - La consécration de l’expertise et la Commission royale d’enquête sur le bilinguisme et le biculturalisme, 1963-1971
P. E. Bryden, University of Victoria - Intimacy and the Administrative Body: The Federal Civil Service in the Pearson Era
Also of interest to legal historians (and crimnologists):

Round Table/ Table ronde RCMP: What we know, what we don’t know and what we would like to know/ La GRC: ce que nous savons, ce que nous ne savons pas et ce que nous aimerions savoir
Participants/ Participants et participantes
Steve Hewitt, American and Canadian Studies, University of Birmingham
Gary Kinsman, department of sociology, Laurentian University
Christabelle Sethna, Institute of Women’s Studies, University of Ottawa

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