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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Reid on the Doctrine of Discovery (not the procedure)


Also in the Canadian Journal of Native Studies; 2010, Vol. 30 Issue 2 ,"The Doctrine of Discovery in Canadian Law" by Jennifer Reid:

This article will focus on a set of fifteenth-century assumptions regarding sovereignty known as the Doctrine of Discovery. The doctrine was the "legal" means by which Europeans claimed preemptive rights in the New World, and it underlies the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples to this day. This article will explore the Doctrine's development from its inception to its integration into Canadian law. By demonstrating continuity between fifteenth century papal bulls, the Royal Proclamation, the Constitution Act, 1982, and Supreme Court holdings, I will argue that Aboriginal title in Canada was—and continues to be—entrenched in the Doctrine of Discovery.

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