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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

British Colonial Legalities: Two Panels in Search of Papers

British Colonial Legalities: Two Panels in Search of Papers

British Colonial Legalities
CRN 15
Law & Society Association Meeting 2013
Boston 30 May to 2 June

The LSA&#8217;s deadline is upon us and who would want to miss the Boston LSA? We have two rather exciting panel proposals here &#8211; does your work fit? Please email Yael Berda by 20 Nov if it does:"Yael Berda" <>,

Perhaps you too have an idea and are looking for others to form a panel with? Please take advantage of being on the British Colonial Legalities email list!

And please do send this on to others who might find it useful.

Please note that LSA has strict rules on participation this time round and we can only really be on one panel or roundtable.

Best wishes from
Wes, Binyamin and Jothie.

Panel One: Organiser Yael Berda, Princeton.
Colonial legal practicalities - the mundane daily work of colonial rule

Law in the colonies was not only a juridical template constructed in London and proliferated throughout the empire. Rather, it was a patchwork of local and British laws, ad hoc regulations, judicial decisions and administrative decrees that made up the complex daily life of governance in and of the colonies. In this panel we explore legal practices in the colonies: bureaucratic and administrative practice, lawyers&#8217; practices and practices of the subjects that used the law as a form of resistance to colonial rule in order to provide a richer, deeper account of the life of the law in the British colonies.
Panel Two: Organiser: Yael Berda, Princeton.

Law, Geopolitics, Populations

Population movements, partitions, transfers and displacements took place in British colonies during colonial rule and following decolonization. Laws, judicial decisions and legal definitions of citizens and subjects played an important part in the geopolitical re-designing of the British empire and its post colonies This panel focuses on the relationship between law, geopolitics and populations in the colonies and post colonies.

LSA&#8217;s Call for papers at

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