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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Call for papers: Traditions, Borrowings, Innovations, & Impositions: Law in the Post-Colony and in Empire

From Shaunnagh Dorsett:

Call For Papers

“Traditions, Borrowings, Innovations, & Impositions: Law in the Post-Colony and in Empire.”

Following the 2012 Legal Histories of the British Empire Conference held in Singapore, please hold the date for the follow on comparative legal history up to be held at the Faculty of Law, University of Ghana, Accra, 2-4 July 2014.

Patterns of disruption and also networks of innovation, resistance, tradition, and imposition connect places touched by European Empires, including the British Empire from origins to the present. All aspects of law in history, law in society, and law in culture carry traces of this in local expression, as in comparative contexts.
The conference provides an opportunity for the sharing of research and ideas from all perspectives, regions, and periods including:

·       research on the constitutional, legal and institutional frameworks of the post-colony and colony;
·       the roles of law in social development, cultural transformation, and economic development;
·       legal pluralism;
·       post-colonial scholarship;
·       the internal cultures of law, of the judiciary,
·       the legal profession, and legal education;
·       the role of law in oppression or resistance, as
·       tool and as discourse;
·       autonomy, migrations, religions, and
·       indigeneity;
·       globalization and transnationalism;
·       comparative research.

A website will be available shortly, with full conference information. In the meantime, a pdf with additional information can be obtained from or

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