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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Launch of edited collection on Chief Justices of the Supreme Court of Canada announced

Chief JusticesNew Federation is launching its edited collection, "The Chief Justices of the Supreme Court of Canada" at Osgoode Hall in Toronto on October 14, 2014 (co-hosted by the Law Society of Upper Canada and Osgoode Hall Law School with R. Roy McMurtry as guest of honour.)

New Federation is a non-profit charitable organization, and they are seeking help with the publishing costs from the profession. For more information, contact Gerry Gummersell, 

The table of contents shows a diverse and interesting list of contributors, including a number of legal historians.
 (Apologies for the weird formatting. Cut and pasted from a Word document.)

Chief Justices                                       Authors

Sir William Buell Richards                  Lawrence Martin-The Globe and Mail
Sir William Johnstone Ritchie            E. Bruce Mellett
[1879-92]                                              Partner, Bennett Jones LLP
Sir Samuel Henry Strong                    Prof. Jamie Benidickson-Biographer
[1892-1902]                                          Faculty of Law-University of Ottawa
Sir Henri-Elzear Taschereau              Prof. & Dean Guy Lefevre
[1902-06]                                             Faculty of Law-Universite de Montreal

Sir Charles Fitzpatrick                         Prof. Adam Dodek
[1906-18]                                              Vice Dean Common Law Section
                                                                Faculty of Law- University of Ottawa

Sir Louis Henry Davies                        Mr. Justice James C. MacPherson   
[1918-24]                                              Ontario Court of Appeal
Francis Alexander Anglin                    John J. L. Hunter Q. C.
[1924-33]                                               Hunter Litigation Chambers-Vancouver
Sir Lyman Poore Duff                          Prof. Lorne Sossin
[1933-44]                                               Dean, Osgoode Hall Law School
Thibaudeau Rinfret                             Prof. Sylvio Normand
[1944-54]                                              Faculty of Law
                                                               Universite Laval

Patrick Kerwin                                      Prof. Carissima Mathen
[1954-63]                                              Faculty of Law-Common Law Section
                                                                University of Ottawa
Robert Taschereau [1963-67]            Prof. Michel Morin             
[1963-67]                                               Faculty of Law
                                                                 Universite de Montreal

John Robert Cartwright                        Prof. Emeritus Peter H. Russell
[1967-70]                                              Dept. of Pol. Sci. U of T
Joseph Honore Gerald Fauteux           Prof. Sebastien Grammond
[1970-73]                                             Dean, Civil Law, University of Ottawa 
Bora Laskin                                               Prof. Philip Girard
[1973-84]                                                  Osgoode Hall Law School
Brian Dickson                                           Mr.  Justice Robert Sharpe
[1984-90]                                                  Ontario Court of Appeal
Antonio Lamer                                         Prof. Susan Herada
[1990-2000]                                             Carleton University                                                                                                                                       
Beverley McLachlin                                 Eugene Meehan Q.C.
 [2000- ]                                                     Supreme Advocacy LLP                                   

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