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Thursday, June 12, 2014

TOC for Riel's Defence

Nicole O'Byrne of the University of New Brunswick Faculty of Law has drawn my attention to the Table of Contents for Riel's Defence, ed. by Hans V. Hansen, about which I posted the other day.

Nicole kindly sent me pics of the TOC taken from her phone, but I thought a cut and paste would be more readable on the blog.

As you can see, it adds considerably to the description offered by the publisher. Of special interest to legal historians are Desmond Morton's essay on the historical context of the trial and Nicole O'Byrne's own contribution on Riel's constitutional thought.

Acknowledgments vii
Introduction 3
Hans V. Hansen
Preface to the Texts of Louis Riel’s Addresses to the Jury and the Court 19
Hans V. Hansen
Louis Riel’s Address to the Jury, 31 July 1885 25
Prepared by Hans V. Hansen
Louis Riel’s Address to the Court, 1 August 1885 45
Prepared by Hans V. Hansen

1 The Queen vs Louis Riel: The Historical Context 72
Desmond Morton
2 “Through the Grace of God I Am the Founder of Manitoba”: Louis Riel’s Constitutional Thought 90
Nicole c. O’Byrne
3 Louis Riel’s Trial Speeches 106
Thomas Flanagan
4 The Use and Force of Rhetorical Strategies in Louis Riel’s First Speech 122
Christopher Tindale
5 Narrative and Logical Orders in Louis Riel’s Address to the Jury 135
Hans V. Hansen
6 “A New German-Indian World” in the North-West: A Métis Deconstruction of the Rhetoric of Immigration in Louis Riel’s Trial Speeches 166
Kerry Sloan
7 Reconstructing the Substantive Argument in Louis Riel’s Address to the Jury 204
Paul Groarke
8 “An Insane and Irresponsible Government”: Louis Riel and the Representation of Responsibility 224
Benjamin Authers
9 “Who Starts the Nations?” Louis Riel and the Question of Geopolitical Legitimacy 247
Jennifer Reid
10 Louis Riel’s Ethos and the Différend 264
Maurice Charland
11 The Case of Two Trials, Louis Riel and Socrates: Intersections, Overlaps, Divergences 280
Louis Groarke

Contributors 317
Index 321

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