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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sarah Hamill first PHD from U of A Faculty of Law

I re-tweeted this announcement, but it deserves a proper post.

Sarah Hamill, the first doctoral student at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law, has now become U of A Law's first PHD. Sarah is a legal historian and property law scholar. I hope her dissertation, From Prohibition to Administrative Regulation: The Battle for Liquor Control in Alberta, 1916 to 1939, under the supervision of Eric Adams, will soon be available on ProQuest Theses & Dissertations.

Here's her page, which reflects her varied interests.  I look forward to reading one of her next projects (not yet available on the site) a study of King v. Barclay and Barclay's Hotel, an early 1960s Alberta case arising out of a 'discrimination trap' strategy which Sarah presented on at the CLSA/ACDS 2014 annual meeting in Winnipeg.

Congratulations, Sarah!

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